Set iron router to not drop subscription on rerouting?

I got a couple of up to 100k document publications running on a couple of the routes. No need for reactivity on this specific publication, however it’s only active for a single route. Causing a decent load time obviously when loading the route and subscription. However, it would be nice to “keep” the subscription when the route is left in the event that the user returns to the route, in order to save the massive load-time.

I can enable all subscriptions site-wide, however this would incur a huge load time every time the site is visited. If someone chooses not to visit the route with the large publication, that would make the huge load time annoying.

Is there a way to say that once you subscribe to something in Iron router/meteor you keep it? Basically prevent iron router from un-subscribing?

Bonus question: Can the massive subscription be loaded in the background while the user is doing other things?

You can use

Thank you! This seems to be what I’m looking for!

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