Setting "packages_dir" on windows to secondary drive (D:) path

Hello Meteor Forums! :smile:

this is my first post, and my question is about the packaging system. I’m currently getting to know my way around writing my own packages, since I wanted to modularize some of my more general designs, and reuse them easily.

My problem (for now) is to configure the global variable “Packages_Dir”.
The directory I want to set is on my secondary drive, which I use for general storage, since my C: is SSD. The path is “D:\Documents\Meteor Projects\Packages”. I’ve tried to set it from the global variables menu within the windows properties, but without luck

Surely, a lot of you have the experience and/or expertise to guide me towards a solution, so that I can run my local packages :wink:

thanks in advance

Asger Nielsen

Try PACKAGE_DIRS instead :wink:

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And of course, I spent my first post making a complete fool of myself :blush: wonderful!

thanks for the quick response!

Don’t sweat it. I almost always get it wrong, too.

It’s like plugging in a usb stick; you have 50% chance to get it right
but you 100% do it wrong at your first time, heck it sometimes takes
three tries to get it right!?!

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