Setting Page Title with userraccounts:flow-router

I’m just beginning to really dive into Meteor and start some personal projects but I’ve stumbled across something that I haven’t yet found an answer for. I’m trying to set the title of my pages that are used for logging in, signing up, etc. Is there a solution for this? I don’t see anywhere in the docs where I can add an option in these configuration statements.

This is my routes.jsx file:
AccountsTemplates.configureRoute("changePwd"); AccountsTemplates.configureRoute("forgotPwd"); AccountsTemplates.configureRoute("resetPwd"); AccountsTemplates.configureRoute("signIn"); AccountsTemplates.configureRoute("signUp"); AccountsTemplates.configureRoute("verifyEmail");


You should probably try the meteorhacks:inject-initial package.

Edit: There’s another thread here which mentions another couple of possibilities.