Should I commit a generated .versions file?


After publishing my Meteor package, I noticed that a .versions file appeared.

$ cat .versions 

Should I commit this file?

".versions" file appeared. Should I track it with git?
What files or folder should be ignored in .gitignore

Yes you should. That file makes sure that meteor builds are repeatable across machines and platforms.

Check the already pre-generated .gitignore file in that directory for files/directories you should not commit.


To clarify, I’m talking about the top-level directory of a Meteor package with binary npm packages The .versions file appeared in the topmost directory after I ran meteor publish-for-arch. There’s no autogenerated .gitignore file in the top-level directory.


Yes. For the same reason as @serkandurusoy already said. :wink:


Sorry, I thought you were referring to the one generated by a meteor project, but the answer is still yes, the .versions file is there to ensure consistency.