Should I use meteor for ecommerce site?

Meteor comes with mongodb which doesn’t offer ACID out of the box. So is it a bad idea to use meteor for ecommerce site?

Check this out:

It is open source, well maintained and already hosting ~10thousand shops.


what about ACID compliance? Is that needed when it comes to ecommerce?

ACID is a reference to database transactions and a “transaction” is something you’d (optionally) need only in a very small and specific part of an ecommerce application, and you can achieve it with strategies such as two-phase-commit.

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i think, we can create a transaction document that will hold the details of fields that will be updated, then will have a flag that will give the current state of the multiple document that will be updated, so if sudden hindrance of update occurs. we can roll back the initial data of the document to be updated :smile:

i hope i am right in my theory :smile:

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That’s what I referred to as a two phase commit.

This also is a good read on mongodb atomicity and transactions.


Thanks for the links. They made things more clear :grinning:

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You want also to implement retry queues. Take a look at these slides: