Show the Meteor community GitHub issue triagers some love


Look, I get it.

You’re falling behind on meeting your next deliverable. You’re furiously coding trying to catch up. You’ve already thrown things like upfront design, documentation, and unit testing out the window to desperately try to speed things up. You’re really feeling the crunch and know that if you can just keep moving quickly, ignoring anything that you consider to be “nice to haves”, you just might make it - no, you will make it, and your customers/clients/boss/coworkers/etc will be ecstatic.

But then it happens … some bizarre error when you restart your app. What??? No, this can’t be happening. You don’t have time to fix strangeness, you’ve got to keep moving. Wait, you know what to do - open a Meteor GitHub issue …


  1. You open a new Meteor GitHub issue.

  2. You ignore all of the issue boilerplate explaining what you should provide to have MDG and community members help fix your issue as fast as possible, and instead throw in a couple of sentences like “Meteor is crashing - WTF?”.

  3. You get a very polite reply from one of the excellent community triager’s explaining that your issue will need to be closed since you haven’t provided enough details to help people troubleshoot (something that was already explained in the new issue boilerplate that you ignored). That same reply mentions that if you’re able to provide more specific details, the issue will be re-opened.

  4. You reply to the closed issue lashing out at the community triager, calling them incompetent, making the community triager feel really great about trying to help you and countless other individuals out during their free time, without being paid, simply because they love Meteor, its community and want to help it thrive.


Follow meteorites - no matter how frustrated you are, please try to remember that we’re all in this together, and that the community members trying to help you resolve your Meteor issues are genuinely trying to help. Please help them by staying calm, respecting their time and problem solving efforts, and help answer their requests for more information, which are ultimately requests that help you. Please try to remember this when filing and responding to Meteor GitHub issues. Our community really is amazing - let’s all help keep it that way.


Hey if you can’t handle the stress of issue triaging for Meteor, you should probably go get yourself a less stressfull job like firefighting, black ops, or something even milder like rope walking, cliff jumping etc, LOL :slight_smile:

Edit: kidding aside, thank you for taking the time - even when you feel you’re not appreciated - to contribute and help Meteor and its community foster!


“Firefighter”, “black ops”, “rope walker” and “cliff jumper” - I think you’ve just about summed @abernix (aka “The Meteor Machine”) up perfectly!