Slow build time on windows 8.1

Hi all,
I’ve installed Meteor v1.2.0.1 for windows, with NodeJS v4.1.1.
I’m seeing slow build times, even with the default project that is created upon “meteor create [app_name]”.
After creating a new app and starting meteor, adding a simple var assignment under the isServer and saving it is followed by a long build.
I didn’t manage to do a METEOR_PROFILE in windows, but I did see that “selecting package versions” takes ~8 seconds, “building the application” another 4, and combined with the other operations in between a total of 16 seconds.

The machine I’m working on:

  • windows 8.1
  • 8GB ram
  • i7 quad core
  • 256GB SSD

My questions:

  1. Is there a way to profile meteor build on windows?
  2. Is this a known issue and do you know of a way to make the build time more bearable?


You should be able to get a profile if you do


before your meteor build. However, I believe it only really profiles the package resolver (at least the profiling output stops long before the build completes).



Coffee is nice, but can’t have too much of that…
Any one else had similar experience to such slow build times?

I do. I dual-boot a Linux distro just because of Meteor now. It’s PAINFULLY slow on Windows. It’s sad to be honest.

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Man think I’m going to have to join the club!

I normally develop php on cloud9 because, well conflicts with OS

However meteor / mongo kills the ram limit so it won’t run on cloud9… so now I’m happily building on windows untillll… 1 minute rebuild time sucks!

I’m either looking at
dual boot
upgrade to windows 10 & hope
pay for premium account at c9!

I had similar issues. Update to W10 helped a bit. Switching from Iron Router to Flow Router cut the time by 1/3. I have no idea why. I also found adding npm packages (vs. only Meteor packages) slowed it down considerably. Try this.

Guys, I had the same problem on windows 10.

What I’ve done was :

  • Activated Ubuntu into Windows 10
  • Had Ubuntu processing Meteor

The build time has reduced from 17sec to 3 sec.

Although MongoDB is not able to share window filesystem on windows, so Mongo is running on a Docker instance.

In order to make run meteor easier on ubuntu, I created a sh file like that :


export MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/vcpMeteorDB


To access the meteor code inside the ubuntu machine to run, just

$ cd /mnt/{drive letter on windows such as c or d }/{path to the code on windows}
$ ./

Hope it helps.