[Solved] Android app not working with android version 11

meteor-cordova mobile app not installing on android devices that run android versions higher than android 10 after updated to the target sdk version 30. Thanks in advance.

what is the content of your mobile-config.js file in regards to target SDKs, min SDKs and such ?


// App.setPreference(‘android-min Sdk Version’, ‘21’);
// App.setPreference(‘android-compile Sdk Version’, ‘26’);
App.setPreference(‘android-target Sdk Version’, ‘29’); // default: 29 works. 30 has camera permission issues…


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the issue was my apk only signing using v1 schema, but android 11 required v2 schema i have signed my apk using apksigner and issue solved. :slight_smile:


yep ! this solve my issue

many thanx !

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Meteor 2.5 is upgrading Android Cordova integration.

Our first beta is already available, please give it a try https://github.com/meteor/meteor/pull/11645

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Thank you this solved it. I used --v2-signing-enabled in the signing command.

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