[SOLVED] Install Meteor New Processor Mac

I bought recently the new Mac mini with the Processor from Apple M1.
When I tried to install meteor I get this issue :
“Only 64-bit Intel processors are supported at this time.”

Update of meteor for this soon ?
Have you an idea to install it with this processor ?

Thank you !

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@janmp Can Help I think


Thank you ! Work great !

Just wanted to post another option here. I use JetBrains and was having trouble starting Meteor on my new M1 MacBook Air. Couldn’t find how/where to specify necessary “arch -x86_64” to get it to use the correct architecture. The solution I found was to specify the architecture in /usr/local/bin/meteor
Changed the first line from
#!/usr/bin/env bash
#!/usr/bin/env arch -x86_64 /bin/bash

This should also make the meteor command work from any terminal window.


This is the simples way.