[SOLVED] Is anyone using tailwind css with a current version of meteor and svelte

There are a few posts pointing to tutorials that are no longer relevant to the current version of meteor. Tailwind and Svelte are immensely popular at the moment, and for me not having access to tailwind in a framework is a deal-breaker.

The closest I can get to making tailwind work is for tailwind to apply base styles, but no idea of how to configure tailwind.config.js so that it will process the utility classes I add to my svelte files.

Has anyone got tailwind to work with a current version of meteor, or can help me to get up and running?

You can use the tailwind cli to use tailwind with pretty much everything.

I posted a guide on how I set it up with meteor and react. I am not sure how it would be different with svelte, but the implementation is pretty independant of the frontend framework.

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Thank you, that’s really useful and appreciate the detailed description.

No problem! Keep in mind that this solution is a workaround. Tailwind v3.0 would be much better integrated via postcss, but right now it isnt supported for meteor. The biggest caveat of this workaround is more delay + double reload when you change something while developing.

Its on their radar: Support Tailwind 3.0 JIT · Discussion #11804 · meteor/meteor · GitHub