[SOLVED] Possible to publish a package on Atmosphere without its dependencies being on Atmosphere?


I wanted to publish a package for testing purposes, but not its dependency because I don’t want to release the dependency package to the public yet. I have the dependency installed as a local package in my test app here locally, and was hoping to be able to meteor add the package (the one I want to put on Atmosphere) and have it dependency be found here locally.

Is this possible?


Interesting idea to test! Please report back if it works or not :smile:


@serkandurusoy It doesn’t seem possible after trying. I wonder if there a way to use an alternative registry other than atmospherejs.com for testing?


It kind of makes sense since the main goal of meteor’s packaging system is to ensure repeatable builds on every platform, every single time. So not allowing a package with unmet dependencies is probably one of the first things they’ve considered :smile:

After all, it would be kind of a bummer if I downloaded your package into my app only to find out that it breaks my app.

For the time being, you’ll have to live by having both packages live in your local environment until after they both are ready to see the light of day.


@serkandurusoy Yeah, that makes complete sense.

I was originally developing entirely locally, but I’ve come to realize that the local environment isn’t the same (for example, rocket:module’s build plugin was relying on knowing what application it is being built in, which works fine locally, but it’s impossible to do this once I’ve taken rocket:module out of local and build it standalone). That’s what led to this post.