[Solved] Storybook can't resolve Meteor packages

I’m getting this issue while trying to run React Storybook for my Meteor project:

ModuleNotFoundError: Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'meteor/accounts-base' in ...

I know that this error popped up because of using Meteor packages inside React components.
I have dug up other topics like this but can’t find a good solution. Are there any update solutions for this issue?
Thank you in advance!

You could use:

  1. pure components which will use meteor API as props
  2. stub like in this article:
    How to stub VueJS (React) container components in Storybook | by Alexey Antipov | Vue.js Developers | Medium

Thank you @krisnero :saluting_face:. Stub components can be a better solution for me right now.
Hope that meteor will provide us a more convenient way in the future :roll_eyes:

@ryan0906 this is not really a “Meteor” issue, it is an approach to writing pure components. If you don’t make API calls from your components, the benefits you can get are

  • Components are easier to test and preview (no stubs required)
  • You can use tools like Storybook
  • Your components are portable, because they are not embedded in your infrastructure
  • Your API code is separate, and can be tested independently of presentation

It requires some discipline on your part, but it will ultimately make your life easier.

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Thank you, @mikkelking , for the advice :saluting_face:. I should bring this to my team.

Still, it would be nice to have some nice way to stub the Meteor functions and packages.

@storyteller I guess it would be nice, the challenge is to provide some kind of stubbing that will cover everyone’s use cases. It could be a big project, perhaps worthwhile?