Some love for Blaze: Teleport


I never found a package to teleport stuff (render templates at arbitrary locations inside the DOM) with Blaze, so I built my own. This was over a year ago. My plan was to publish it, but then life intervened.

Late last night I was trying to avoid bedtime, so here you go! Seems I was procrastinating heavily, since I even made a logo for it :sweat_smile:

It’s about 20 lines of code and so far has been working great for me.

Quick how-to

  1. Add to project
$ meteor add arggh:teleport
  1. Use the Teleport block helper anywhere.
<template name="my-tmpl">
   <div class="foo">
     {{#Teleport ''}}
        <p>Hello world</p>

…will result in this:

  <div class="foo"></div>
  <p>Hello world</p>

The default destination is document.body, but a destination prop can be provided and it should be an Element node or a CSS selector.

<template name="my-tmpl2">
   <div class="foo">
     {{#Teleport destination='.bar'}}
        <p>Hello world</p>

Let me know if you have any problems with it :wink:


Great to see that people still have interest in Blaze!


I hope I find time to polish and share more of our Blaze components, but actually I’m really busy building awesome stuff with Meteor&Blaze!:slight_smile:

We have internal Blaze components and packages like

  • AutoFit - fit any text inside it’s parent perfectly
  • InfinityScroll - virtual scrollable
  • ComponentBrowser - “Storybook” for Blaze

…and about 150 other generalized (but also internal) Blaze components for various purposes, like modals, popovers, color pickers etc…


Wow! Seriously interested in this work. I’m still using Blaze very happily in a couple of big projects.


I know what you mean, I am also really busy and have a lot of Blaze components, especially for Autoform, that need to be polished.

Anyone interested in a “Blaze Poweruser” group or something? Like a github org that solely keeps Blaze related projects and packages, like a first entry point for the latest maintained packages for Blaze?


A brilliant idea. “Awesome Blaze”, sort of. There’s still a lot of Blaze users and from what I hear, many are planning to stick with it for foreseeable future. Then again, Atmosphere is full of packages for Blaze, but they are hard to find & filter.

I like this.

Now my flow goes like this:

  1. I have a need for a functionality
  2. Try to browse & search Atmosphere…
  3. 10 minutes later I give up and just write the component myself.


10 minutes later I give up and just write the component myself.

Exactly. But to let’s no pollute your announcement, and keep the room for your tool. Let’s continue here: Blaze Poweruser Group: “Awesome Blaze”