Some new insight into Galaxy


I think Galaxy is genius.

It’s forced. Meteor is a square living in polar coordinates. Every other hosting solution lives in polar coordinates. If anything, @arunodas work on cluster/mup will hurt Meteor’s potential monopoly. The most valuable thing to Meteor right now would be well known production ready meteor apps. But they require people using the platform. Meteor attracts risky people, and risky people are likely to make it big. If meteor can get even just one unicorn-level webapp (the unicorn event) and successfully scale it on Galaxy, then they will make shit loads of money off Galaxy, which could be sold at a premium. No other hosting solution will run the hip new framework better than Galaxy - the people that invented the framework. They could market meteor as the future of taking an idea from zero to hero.

Suddenly it makes a ton of sense as to why meteor acquired Percolate studio - they are investing to make the pivotal unicorn event happen earlier. The closer Meteor gets to writing its own deployment and profiling features, the more sense it makes for them to acquire Kadira and take them out of the equation.

The way I see it, Meteor is thinking long term. I agree with @serkandurusoy above. It makes sense from my reasoning why Meteor would invest so heavily in windows. The above relies on the canonical “startup” notion to become more and more popular over time. If they open the flood gates to Windows, they will increase their chances of hitting the unicorn event. I think the unicorn event is pivotal and could make Meteor into a viable business.


I wonder if this would be a good thing for bad thing for the community. Maybe it’s beneficial for there to be a community cowboy who can work on anything he wants :wink:

I wonder, if MDG hires you will they let you work on your favorite projects

Best of both worlds: MDG just starts sending you checks :smile: