Start with 1.3 or 1.2.1 for a new project?

I’m about to start a new Meteor project (website and mobile apps). The release timeline is probably in the next 3-4 months. Would you recommend I start directly with the 1.3 beta or should I go with the 1.2.1 build? I will probably go with React. It’s my first real Meteor app, I’ve dabbled a bit with 1.2 but would rather put my time in truly learning based on 1.3 if you thing that it will be stable enough 3-4 months out.

Any help would be very welcomed.

For a React app that will hit production in 3-4 months from now, don’t bother with 1.2.1 and just start with 1.3 beta.


Completely agree with @brajt, for React 1.3 is a no-brainer as it brings first-class npm support which makes it easier to get all the additional react modules you’ll want into your project.

I’ve been using 1.3 betas 7 and 8 for my learning over the last few months and they’ve been rock solid for me. The official release should be within a month I would have thought, so that gives plenty of time for the community to shake any bugs out of it before your go live date.

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It may be worth to follow the Mantra architecture specification:

It will ease you the pain of finding out a good code structure by yourself, especially when you don’t have Meteor experience.

I have an app coming out in about 30 days and used 1.3 and React (from NPM) with TrackerReact for data. I would recommend using 1.3 going forward, it feels stable to me.


Definitely 1.3.
The betas are usually surprisingly stable. This one is fairly backwards compatible too

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Great. Thanks everyone for the quick responses. It looks like 1.3 it is. I have another question about css framework but I’ll post another topic for that one.

You should just go straight for 1.3. The superb npm support is a dream to work with. It nice to have such great libraries easily available to your app. Using react from npm and not the meteor package is nice as well.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but 1.3 seems much snappier, with respect to code reloads, startup times etc… Maybe it’s just psychological or the way I have coded a newer project in 1.3, but code reloads seem to happen almost instantly.

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Now I would like to try the new project on 1.3 to.
But have the big problem with any Blaze Packages such as

  • AutoForm
  • Datatable (Tabular)
  • Account UI

I would go with version 1.3, however it doesn’t seem that it’s deployable yet to a hosting provider. So I keep 2 different versions, one on 1.2.1 and another on 1.3 which I work on. Then each time I want to deploy I have to copy the files to a 1.2.1 version project and deploy from that folder.

I wish version 1.3 projects were deployable but it doesn’t seem that there is much demand. Maybe everyone is only tinkering with version 1.3 on their local machines.

@tab00, Excuse me does you use blaze or react?

I would use 1.3 right now, but I wouldn’t even begin to know what to import or how to structure my javascript.

I’m not even using things like autoform or datatable or account-ui, just plain old javascript. I don’t know what stuff I need to import to use things.

[quote=“theara, post:11, topic:18851, full:true”]
@tab00, Excuse me does you use blaze or react?
[/quote]I use Blaze, no React.

But Now many developer talk with it.
I’m not clear to waiting the other packages such as AutoForm, Datatable.... for React or still develop new project in Meteor 1.3 with Balze.

I think you can deploy 1.3 projects with modulus. I contacted their support about it and got the following response:

We do support Meteor 1.3. You can specify the meteor version to be used in your project/server directory, config.json file. The Modulus CLI will deploy whichever version of Meteor is specified in the config.json.

I’ve yet to try it, and will look into it this weekend.

Please advice for app structure of modules support.
I found the Mantra, but it support with React.
Ex: I have 2 module like this



Please help me.