Stuck at Updating Package Catalog

I am trying to add an npm package via meteor add but I have been stuck at Updating Package Catalog for more than an hour now. My question is could there be a problem with my connection or there is a problem with meteor servers although the latter is less likely.

It seems that when I enter the meteor add command it starts well then drops to 0 usage of internet so I do not know if its a loss of connection between the server and my computer or something else. I’m in Nairobi.

Any help will be appreciated.

The same thing happened to me just now, but it just lasted no more than 5 minutes. Have you tried creating another project just for the sake of testing the connection out?

I’m experiencing this too when I wanted to run meteor update in order to go from to

I figured out that I could update the version number in .meteor/release, and when I then ran meteor it would update everything to I will still get stuck if I run meteor update, but now I don’t have to.

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Yeah, same here. See my post here Updating package catalog - down

I don’t know if using offline catalog would help you though for an update…

I am facing the same issue when adding d3js package. Hope this gets resolved very soon

Finally it worked :)…Thakyou

I’m facing the same problem.

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Same here! There was about an hour period yesterday when it was stuck at Updating package catalog when I tried to add a package. It was fine again, and now again it is hanging up. I tried pinging in terminal and I got 100% packet loss, but their client site is accessible. Strange…

Seeing this as well.