Template not loading/rendering

Working on my first project and stuck at the most basic thing. I am using bootstrap. My main page is main.html. Here is a snippet:

        <div class="container-fluid">



Then I am using a static template in stuff.html:

<template name="stuff">
    <div class="row">
        <span>This is some stuff</span>

The page just shows β€œ{{>stuff}}”

What am I doing wrong?

PS - I made my repo public temporarily. Here is the project: Bitbucket repository

In your main.html you have placed your <body> in your <head> tag ended up with some weird html.

So, close </head> before opening up <body> and then delete the </head> at the very last line.

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Ugh - good catch. That’s what I get for cutting and pasting!

Now I need to go work from Starbucks! Thanks

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