Testing react components rendered with onsen UI with enzyme

Hi guys,

I have been experimenting with onsen UI’s <Navigator/> and <Splitter/>. It has a great look and feel but I have run into a major issue with testing.

I can’t test react components with enzyme because onsen UI throws up all sorts of errors. I’ve read several posts on SO and in the onsen community forum that make it clear that this is expected behavior. Even the docs recommend testing with Karma and Headless chrome. Does anyone know of a nice framework that works well with enzyme or a way to make tests that work well for onsen UI and react combination? I’d like some heads up.

Suggestions are greatly welcome.

I once made a post on testing meteor apps. I got some suggestions there which I’m trying my hands on. I hope to post my story back there as soon as I make reasonable headway with this project.

With onsen + react, we opted for e2e tests but it suits our current stage