The popular Web Hosting for Web Site (Not Web App)?

Excuse me, could share the popular Web Hosting for Web Site (Not Web App)?
Currently, I use wordpress and host on Godaddy Hosting, but have many problems with Spam.
Please help me.

I think flywheel is by far the best wordpress hosting service out there.

They use a global application firewall so your forms don’t get spammed.

They have tons of other features, too.

I think this is a good reminder of how cheap hosting versus dedicated managed application specific hosting can actually be costlier. Shout out to galaxy :wink:

@serkandurusoy, Thanks I will try

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For hosting a static website, simply use Amazon’s S3, and optionally along with S3, Amazon’s CloudFront and Route 53.

If you want help building a static website yourself, and don’t want to get your hands dirty with HTML/CSS or don’t pay someone to build it for you, use Wix (you don’t have to host it at Wix by the way).

I think the OP specifically needs to host wordpress (php along with access to apache/nginx vhost configs as well as some php.ini customizations)

I check, but it is expensive for me.
My plan maybe ~40-50$ per year.
Have any more?