The "security" tag on stackoverflow considered harmful


I’d like to ask that the community no longer ask questions with the “security” tag on stackoverflow. Here’s the problem:

While the meteor community on SO is awesome, the security community seems to be on on a quest to aggressively downvote meteor questions and answers - probably because many of them look like opinions. I’m not the first community member to feel their wrath, but I’d prefer to be the last.

I’d still encourage any community member to ask security-related questions on SO, just don’t tag them as such. I’ve just forcibly changed the tags on all of my related answers (hopefully that doesn’t set off any alarms).

Thanks everyone!


As someone not involved in this at all, so you have any links to examples?


Here are two that I recently got dinged on:

Note these are for sample purposes - I’m not soliciting your upvotes.


In general, in SO, they often downvote unfair way.


I don’t get it… they were asked more than a year ago, looks like someone may have just taken a dislike to one of your recent answers and took it out on a few of your other questions?
In any case, I’ve just upvoted your very reasonably sound answers. However I don’t think the warning in the topic is warranted.
SO may have strict policies regarding what constitutes good/bad fact/opinion answers and yours isn’t the first to have been in the grey area?

From SO’s help center

primarily opinion-based - discussions focused on diverse opinions are great, but they just don’t fit our format well.
Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert experience, but answers to this question will tend to be almost entirely based on opinions, rather than on facts, references, or specific expertise.

Ultimately, it is the 10k+ reps community that decides what constitutes an opinion vs what doesn’t (reading your answer several times, I was scratching my head trying to find opinions…). I guess some people just see things differently.


Yeah, that 10k+ community makes decision for all. :frowning:


Well I’d agree that opinion-based questions are not ideal - I’ve voted to close my share of them. I think there is something specific to security answers. It’s basically the only tag I get downvoted on and I’ve heard the same from others in the community.


Well, what we could do is have you share some more of those questions and answers and petition our community to upvote the questions and the relevant answers.

That would certainly constitute proper grounds for native discussion on SO upon such likely future occasions .


Because of that (where small group of admins downvote on the basis their subjective view), I’ve setup , which is also based on Discourse like this forum.

And even post on Quora

I want to make to be a community-driven, not a personal site.


I think where you’ll get most attention discussing stackoverflow community/mod actions is over at meta.


Yeah, I know it.
But once in the past, when I brought I the question, they downvoted again, and even downvoted my post in SO, just because of my post in Meta. Can you imagine this. :frowning:

Since then, I’m trying not to post anything in Meta.


Downvoting in meta doesn’t affect the almighty reputation, it just shows agreement of your argument.
Naturally then those that disagree also disagreed with your SO post and saw fit to downvote that too because they didn’t think it’s a good question or whatever.

My point being, you might see this as some sort of retribution but really, it just reflects one opinion in two places.

Imagine if someone said something wrong and then went on meta to ask why it was downvoted. You see the post, think it’s wrong and downvote in both places… because it’s wrong. And it’s your obligation as a good community member to help fellow programmers see the right answers and not the wrong ones.

The trick here is that right and wrong are subjective. Therefore voting is a popularity game and that’s why I look at all the answers in a question and not just the most popular one.