Time for a Community Fork?


Apollo is a data layer not a new Meteor.


Yeah yeah, I have already said I don’t know the this and that, and more importantly - I don’t care. What I care about is that Meteor is going in a direction where I have to care.


Well the answer to that is: currently not. You will encounter that the guide does not show the classic approach, though most info is there. But in terms of functionality it’s all there in 1.4.1. No essential parts are changed or removed.

And now with more packages becoming separated you may have to include them again but they are the same. @mitar also intends to have blaze stable with fixes and develop a new v2 on the side.

That being said, it’s software, it will change. So build your application so you are stable and able to change. Meteor actually takes part of that, see: iOS 10 compatibility you could update all by yourself or wait for meteor to integrate the changes. That’s what you get when choosing for a platform.


I am working on two bigger projects, both with meteor/mantra/react. Mantra tells you perfectly, how you can embrace a component-driven design and react is definitly the better tool for this approach, than blaze. It sometimes scares me as well, how different it is than the classical meteor way, its also much more verbose. But it gives you also so much more power and control, so that - at least for me and my team - , this is definitly the way to go (for now).

Pub/Sub is the only thing, that doesn’t really fit well anymore. I’m therefore desperately looking forward to Apollo! :heart_eyes:

I also have some blaze apps and I love blaze for its simplicity, but they only require little maintenance and i am pretty sure that blaze will work as long as these applications are alive. I am glad to see it in good hands with @mitar.


Is there suppose to be a link that comes with this? 123 replies and for what?


Anyone willing up update and maintain a new version of mantra? At the repo there were no major updates/improvements as @arunoda is now working on other projects (zeit.co).

I have a project running on mantra as well and I really like the container/component-driven pattern.


I am still working with mantra (altough pub/sub) and like it too.

there are three pieces of mantra:

  • mantra-core: is a small library that does some basic wireing of (client)-modules At the moment mantra-core does what it should, but there are minor issues with it (It has some imports of react-komposer and react-simple-di that need updates.) as well as some missed opportunity to make the module-stuff more flexible (e.g. server & client side modules, leaverage meteor 1.5. code splitting, etc.) so i am thinking about to fork it, if needed. I also would like to see it go more in direction of recompose, redux and apollo in the future.

  • mantra-spec: is only a written specifications. The ideas are still valid, but in some details its not up to date anymore. But honestly, I don’t care. :wink: Having a spec is nice to have, but something more to maintain.

  • mantra-cli: I am contributor on mantra-cli and add new features occasionaly. At the moment, i have a planned release that allows a slightly different folder-structure that enables meteor 1.5. code splitting.

I have also some mantra-based npm modules that emerged from some projects we did at our company:

https://github.com/panter/manul-i18n (translation solution)
https://github.com/panter/manul-files (slingshot based file uploads)
https://github.com/panter/manul-admin (a ui-less, simple admin-solution that does basic wireing for CRUD, a default UI is in the making. documentation is not totally up-to-date yet. )
https://github.com/panter/manul-alerts (a toast/alert library)

They are all very early and are subject to change, but all have proved usefull, so i hope I can release a version stable 1.0.0 of one of these modules in the next months.


Hi @macrozone,

I really appreciate you working on Mantra, especially since we’re betting on it for the next version of our service. Are you familiar with the work of @warehouseman?

Our company is in the process of growing, in we’d be interested in chipping in on funding the development of MantraJS.

What do you think about such a collaboration?


I don’t pretend to be a Mantra expert. In fact, my original tactic with taking over maintenance of the Kickstarter was to learn from the experts by getting them to discuss the validity of what I was doing. It took me a while to realize that Mantra was abandoned entirely, not an expert left anywhere in sight and that I’d be plugging on all alone.

So, my work on it has been more about building out bits that interest me, and increasing my understanding, than meeting anyone else’s expectations. I’m extremely eager to have collaborators, if only to validate what I have been doing.

Does that alter your thoughts about collaboration?