Tokumx for MongoDB?

This seem to outperform MongoDB WiredTiger at all level in insertion benchmark and proved to be smaller data than WT can compressed.

AFAIK, MaxCDN used it. Anyone tried it?

Sounds pretty interesting. Would love to hear someone else’s experience of using it with meteor.

I have just found this too. This is very promising. Has anyone installed it ? Is it worth waiting MongoDB 3.0 ? What will be the difference ?

MongoDB 3.0 allow switching the built-in storage engine with aternative one’s like the wiredtiger engine that also ships with mongodb, but also with tokumx’s engine which is reported to be still faster than wiredtiger, but slower than standalone tokumx.

But TokuMX is also reported to be a drop in binary replacement, so there is no reason we cannot switch our mongodb backends to tokumx today.

The latest node driver in meteor already supports mongodb 3.0.

My understanding is: TokuMX has a different Oplog format. So if you want to use it with Meteor, you would need to figure that part out (either to implement a translation layer as a separate service or to embed it into Meteor’s livequery driver for MongoDB)