Twilio SMS functionality not working and Animate Percentile JS Query

Hi Everybody,

Please see attached and kindly assist with this one. Trying to add SMS functionality to a project but I’m getting a “Twilio is not defined error”. What am I missing? Also, in terms of the code for the send button, where to I add my user ID, inside the Meteor call?

Then, as a completely unrelated query, with reference to the animated percentile code example, I was wondering if one could use different kinds of custom classes for this effect, say, a glass that appears to “fill up” based on % completeness out of a 100%. Further, could one state that multiple conditions had to be met before this percentage changes? i.e. X amount of forms filled out and X types of tasks assigned to another user in like a project management type app? (hope I’m being clear enough on this)

Your assistance is appreciated.

Have you looked at already?

Also these two packages may be interesting to you: Meteor Twilio & Accounts SMS