Two Methods I Use to Run HTTPS on Localhost

Just in case it may be useful to others, here are two ways I run my Meteor app using HTTPS on my local dev system. IDE breakpoints work with both.

  • Pagekite. It’s a low-cost service. Set ROOT_URL to http://localhost:3000 and load your site on your local dev system at https://[YOUR-PREFIX-THAT-YOU-SET-UP-IN-PAGEKITE]
  • Caddy. It can be run on your local dev system as a reverse proxy. Set ROOT_URL to https://[YOUR-PREFIX-THAT-YOU-SET-UP-IN-CADDY].localhost and load it on your local dev system at that same URL. Installation and setup instructions are in this video.

Also ngrok - Pricing

I have a post about this at: Setup DEV network envinronment

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