Update after mutation + subscription results in duplicate nodes

Im using update after a mutation to update the store when a new comment is created. I also have a subscription for comments on this page.

Either one of these methods works as expected by itself. However when I have both, then the user who created the comment will see the comment on the page twice and get this error from React:

Warning: Encountered two children with the same key,

I think the reason for this is the mutation update and the subscription both return a new node, creating a duplicate entry. Is there a recommended solution to this? I couldn’t see anything in the docs but it doesn’t seem like an edge use case to me.

I could alter my subscription to ignore new comments if they are from the currently logged in user. Im surprised this is required though as I thought Apollo would figure this out. Maybe the batching means that the duplicates are returned at exactly the same time and thats whats confusing it?

OK the fix was simple enough. In the update function from the subscription I just needed to check the store for the new node’s ID, and do nothing if the node is already there.

I was confused for ages as Graphcool subscriptions were being flaky. Changing my region from Asia to US made it work.