[ Update: Delivered! ] Fundraiser: Would you help finance a plugin that would allow MUP (Meteor UP) to deploy AWS?


@zodern, who is maintaining Meteor-Up, is willing to create a plugin for $850 that would allow us to deploy to AWS:

I can create the plugin for $850. $500 would achieve setup, deploying the app, cli commands to start/restart/stop the app, auto scaling and load balancing. The remaining $350 would finish the cli commands, viewing logs, ssl, and fine tuning the configurations.

Source: Feature Request: Deploying a Meteor App with AWS Elastic Beanstalk · Issue #768 · zodern/meteor-up · GitHub

I’m wondering if anyone here would like to co-finance or make a pledge to donate if the amount is raised?

I can pledge at least $150. :slight_smile:


depending on what the configurability and actual setup would be, I would consider pitching in. I’d just want to see a high-level design doc beforehand. but having meteor up support ELB or any autoscaling would be awesome

Hi @efrancis,

Cool that you might like to chip in.

Creating a design doc could be time consuming, and personally I think @zodern has proven himself capable and that we can put our trust in him without too much bureaucracy.

In any case, I agree with you that AWS-support would be completely kick-ass.
How much could you pitch in, if you decided to do so?

I’d commit to $100 myself

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Nice, @efrancis.

Would love to hear from some of the leaders of this community too (whom I believe all have Meteor-based businesses): @msavin, @diaconutheodor, @joshowens, @sacha.

To get things started, I’m going likely going to pay @zodern 50% upfront. Would be nice if the community would come together to cover the remaining 50% - after the plugin is done.

@nadeemjq thank you for tagging me.

I’m willing to invest. Condition is I want to see the API first. The steps to do the deploy. Then I pay upfront for implementation.

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Very nice to hear, @diaconutheodor. :slight_smile:

@zodern, could you describe the API you intend to implement?

Also, @diaconutheodor, could you indicate the amount you might decide to invest? :slight_smile:

I’d commit $100 as well.

Thanks for initiating this.

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Awesome, @alawi, and thanks :slight_smile:

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Depends on the API, $100 minimum :slight_smile:

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@efrancis, @alawi, and @diaconutheodor Thank you. I created a comment on GitHub with an overview of the plugin.


I think $850 might not be aiming high enough. I wonder how far we could go with $2000 or $5000.

Plus, things to consider:

  • long term support
  • documentation
  • specification
  • running multiple meteors apps as microservices
  • etc

Maybe companies can pay $X per year or whatever to get a sponsor badge on a website and/or README file. The package probably gets a lot of traffic I am sure so it’s worth it.


I tend to agree.

Perhaps we can think the $850 as covering the v1 of this plugin, and then we can look into financing v2, v3 etc?

Btw, @msavin, how much would you be willing to chip in on the offer as it stands now from @zodern?

I don’t want to be a buzz kill but right now I would contribute $0 because I do not see how it’s going to work and/or be sustainable. I’m much more comfortable hosting with Heroku.

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Howdy, if you’d like to chat on a VOIP conference about how I’m deploying, I’d be happy to share my brand new approach to self-hosting.

With my script, I am able to move hosts in a matter of mere minutes. Simply upload your Meteor web bundle, and run my script.

It has been working for about six months flawlessly, every single time. It took a LOT of effort to build.

You can email AndrewNormore@gmail.com to chat and setup a conference time, I’ll show you what I’m doing.

You can see my project, which has run on Galaxy, Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud Compute, and is now hosting on a dedicated gaming PC my brother has setup on a 100 megabit line in Nova Scotia, Canada.


I would be happy to share and maintain my upload script for the Meteor community for a small pledge :slight_smile:

This means, a brand new approach to self hosting is made possible by next business day.

I’ll also point out it is setup for OpLog tailing right out of the gate. If you want to add remote or local databases, it’s super easy, as the script already builds it. Heck, my script even opens firewall ports with IP Tables incase you forget.


No worries, @msavin. I think that’s a legitimate concern for any open source plugin.

This sounds very cool, @SkyRooms!

Would love to take a look.

Will reach out to you on your email :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

We have raised $ 275 of $850 using Open Collective, or about 32 %.

@nadeemjq, $ 125
@sacha, $ 100,
@diaconutheodor, $ 50

Everyone who is interested in chipping in please make a donation here:
Please let me know after you have participated.

There are 2 milestones to fund:

Milestone 1: $ 425 upfront-payment to get the work done. ($ 150 to go)

Milestone 2: $ 425 post-delivery payment after the plugin is completed.

I hope we can reach Milestone 1 no later than Monday 7th of november.
On Tuesday, I will chip in whatever is needed to close the gap - if there is one.

I also guarantee the $ 425 post-delivery payment, but any and all help from the community is much appreciated.

Best regards,