Update Meteor Project to Current Version

Hey guys,

We have an old project using Meteor and we’d like to update it to 1.5.

On the first attempt trying to run meteor update fails with the following error:

This project says that it uses Meteor, but you don’t have that version of Meteor installed and the Meteor
update servers don’t have it either. Please edit the .meteor/release file in the project and change it to a valid
Meteor release.

Is there an official update process for updating old meteor projects?

I’m not too sure about a process which will work from a release that far back - other than incremental updates, but this still gives you a problem if you don’t have that version installed and the update servers don’t have it.

However, you can still get Meteor for installation. The zip is at https://api.github.com/repos/meteor/meteor/zipball/release/
and the tar.gz is at https://api.github.com/repos/meteor/meteor/tarball/release/

You could try this SO post for some hints. Alternatively, you could edit the meteor install script with the tarball address and try running that.

If you’re feeling adventurous you could try altering .meteor/release to a more recent version and see what happens. Make sure everything’s backed up first! My feeling is that so many core packages have been added, renamed or removed (not least Spark -> Blaze), that this may not be easy - although small version increments may work eventually.

You could also create a new, empty project and copy your source files over. That may be easiest in the long run.

Consult History.md to get an idea of what you’re in for - and keep us posted. This is a really interesting challenge - good luck :slight_smile:

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I’d bet this would be the best option.

And Meteor, whoa! :smiley:

As someone who has done a Meteor 0.7.1 to 1.4 update of a large meteor project I would suggest creating an empty project and migrating over each individual functional piece.

The way I actually did it was created a new branch and moved the existing application code into a a directory called old. Then I generated a new Meteor 1.4 (at the time) with the --full flag in the directory and I started moving code into imports. Depending on your applications size it can be a lot of work.

Good Luck