Update meteor to a specific version

I am on Meteor 1.1.2, I would like to update meteor to 1.2.0 (not the latest) is there a command to update to a certain version and not all the way to the latest?

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meteor update --release 1.2

The available releases can be found here:


For future reference, better take a look here for the releases:


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Sorry for the necro, but I’ve tried updating using meteor update --release 1.8 and this just happens

I know there’s an issue with expired certificates for old meteor versions [https://docs.meteor.com/expired-certificate.html] but the problem is I’ve tried some of the solutions posted online but none worked at least the ones I found.

Tried setting environment variable to ```

Checked hosts file, nothing suspicious.

Any suggestions?

posted this here as some others might have the same problem so they can follow this same thread.

I vaugely remember there being an issue with that release, does work?

meteor update --release

Hi, thanks for the help.

I’m still getting certificate expired errors when using that.

Can you confirm that the environment variable you set persists?

Hi, thanks to your response, I had wondered if my env variable persists, and it indeed didn’t I set it manually through the windows UI and after the restart, my commands seem to work now. I’m getting a different error when updating though, I have posted a question at this link: Exited with code: 3228369023 - Meteor forums Maybe you can help, thanks!