Update v2.5.6 > v2.5.7 breaks mongo

Hi guys,

So we are currently using 2.5.6. Due to this bug we would like to update to 2.5.7 → I ran meteor update --release 2.5.7.

For some reason this command ALSO downloaded 2.5.7 AND 2.7.3 (??), but correctly updated to 2.5.7 then → all good. Problem: I can’t start the app anymore!

It always breaks with Unexpected mongo exit code 1. Restarting.. meteor reset does NOT change anything.

Can anyone help? Why does an increase in the PATCH version break everything?

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Hi @klabauter . I can confirm your bug, I had the exact same error this morning. I would recommend opening an issue as I don’t think there’s any workaround.

As to your motivation for upgrading to 2.5.7 - AFAIK the bug you reference is not fixed in 2.5.7 - I don’t think they backported that. We’re also stuck in 2.5.x but mainly as we’ve seen strange things happen with the oplog when we updated. See Issue 11993 for more details.

AFAIK the only thing new in 2.5.7 is the node version. Which would be nice to have too.

That’s indeed an interesting question. It’s a security patch as far as I remember

2.5.7-beta.0 fixed the build performance issues for me, so I’d expect 2.5.7 to fix them too - I didn’t have any issues upgrading (several) services from 2.5.6 to 2.5.7, however I don’t use the internal mongo so wouldn’t have seen this

I might be wrong but I believe what was in beta.0 didn’t get merged and the 2.5.7 that’s released doesn’t include that fix. But thanks for reminding me of that beta, I could actually be using that :smiley:

Here’s what has me confused as to what was merged: Pull requests · meteor/meteor · GitHub
There are 2 2.5.7 PRs and neither were marked merged but I can see some of the commits in the branch.

Hi @klabauter,

The official 2.5.7 was never released. We skipped to 2.6.

But we did release the fix for that issue on 2.5.7-beta.0, and we have some people using it.

Could you try this one?

It seems there’s a bit of confusion here. I’m guessing all the personnel changes haven’t helped. In the Meteor changelog 2.5.7 is listed: Changelog | Meteor API Docs

It would be great to get a 2.5.7 which works and also includes what is in 2.5.7-beta.0 (incase it doesn’t already).


Yes, there was confusion there. Checking again, there was a 2.5.7, but it doesn’t include the changes from the 2.5.7-beta.0.

We’ll release a new version, 2.5.8, ASAP, including the node update and the changes from the 2.5.7-beta.0.


Thanks for your replies everyone and your input & help!

@denyhs Any ETA for 2.5.8? Will this also fix the bug of the weird mongo error just crashing after the update (as mentioned in my original post)?

I’ll try to publish this until tomorrow. And yes, it should fix this error.

Could you try to use version 2.5.7-beta.0 to see if it solves the issue?

Aside from broken builds, this is also breaking my confidence with the recent versions of Meteor. Hope we can bring back our confidence in the releases so that we are more than willing to test new releases just like before.


Same here bro it just aint so great but it is what it is

Hi @rjdavid and @truedon, you’re right, and we will do our best to improve.

@klabauter, since yesterday, we’ve had some instability with our machines on Macstadium, preventing us from finishing the release. We’re already in contact with their support, and we’re doing what we can to fix this and complete the release asap.

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God speed brother atleast someone’s on it. Hope you get it sorted soon! Thanks for trying, it’s all we can do after all

Can you fix the file uploads so it works out the box for React? The examples have been briked for the past year and a bit. It sucks

Just curiosity here but how does Macstadium fit into the build process? I thought Meteor was on CircleCI

Sorry, I’m not sure if I understand the request, but it seems out of scope here. Could you open maybe an issue with more details?

Hi, we use a machine on Macstadium to build the dev bundle for Mac M1.

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Hey @klabauter, I just released version 2.5.8-beta.0. Could you give it a go by updating your app with meteor update --release 2.5.8-beta.0?

As soon as we confirm this version is working properly, we can release it officially.

Thank you.


Sure man I will do that early next week. Have a good weekend

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