Upgraded to 1.0.5 and it broke my website

After i upgraded meteor to 1.0.5 , my telescope app cannot sign in. I only see these on my logs. How do I go about troubleshooting this?

I20150326-12:33:44.883(0)? Internal exception while processing message { msg: 'sub',
I20150326-12:33:44.883(0)?   id: '9ywzWZMQ3MqfT8Bqu',
I20150326-12:33:44.883(0)?   name: 'categories',
I20150326-12:33:44.884(0)?   params: [] } Object  has no method 'map' TypeError: Object  has no method 'map'
I20150326-12:33:44.884(0)?     at [object Object].WaitTimeBuilder.register (packages/meteorhacks:kadira/lib/wait_time_builder.js:14:1)
I20150326-12:33:44.884(0)?     at [object Object].sessionProto.processMessage (packages/meteorhacks:kadira/lib/hijack/wrap_session.js:12:1)
I20150326-12:33:44.884(0)?     at SockJSConnection.<anonymous> (packages/ddp/livedata_server.js:1292:1)
I20150326-12:33:44.884(0)?     at SockJSConnection.emit (events.js:95:17)
I20150326-12:33:44.885(0)?     at Session.didMessage (/root/.meteor/packages/ddp/.
I20150326-12:33:44.885(0)?     at App.exports.app.xhr_send (/root/.meteor/packages/ddp/.
I20150326-12:33:44.885(0)?     at execute_request (/root/.meteor/packages/ddp/.
I20150326-12:33:44.885(0)?     at req.next_filter (/root/.meteor/packages/ddp/.
I20150326-12:33:44.885(0)?     at IncomingMessage.<anonymous> (/root/.meteor/packages/ddp/.
I20150326-12:33:44.886(0)?     at IncomingMessage.emit (events.js:92:17)
I20150326-12:33:44.893(0)? Internal exception while processing message { msg: 'sub',
I20150326-12:33:44.894(0)?   id: 'wZ5cmG73oqezpDbM5',
I20150326-12:33:44.895(0)?   name: 'currentRelease',
I20150326-12:33:44.895(0)?   params: [] } Object  has no method 'map' TypeError: Object  has no method 'map'
I20150326-12:33:44.895(0)?     at [object Object].WaitTimeBuilder.register 

I20150326-12:33:44.901(0)? Internal exception while processing message { msg: 'sub',
I20150326-12:33:44.901(0)?   id: 'NqQJGMCcEumeyxEMG',
I20150326-12:33:44.902(0)?   name: 'settings',
I20150326-12:33:44.902(0)?   params: [] } Object  has no method 'map' TypeError: Object  has no method 'map'

Afaik 1.0.5 has not been released (Help test release candidates for Meteor 1.0.5 (Facebook graph API update)!) and so should not be used in production. I suggest you restore 1.0.4!

Actually just realized, I have two versions of the app. Both were not functioning.

  1. local meteor, and I simply ran meteor update - it upgraded 1.0.5rc1 - I saw i could not login locally.

  2. meteor app deployed at custom domain (cname origin.meteor.com) , I see that it has the same issue too this morning. I didnt deploy the new change to the remote app. Is it automatically synced? I had enabled kadira, and this is what I see on the errors -

    message: Internal exception while processing message stack:
    [object Object]


Error: Exception in template helper:

TypeError: undefined is not a function
    at http://mydomain/4f77f157344da732002658f45f6693b9051e8e87.js:505:283
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at Object.Template.(anonymous function).helpers.hideAuthClass (http://mydomain/4f77f157344da732002658f45f6693b9051e8e87.js:505:257)
    at http://mydomain/4f77f157344da732002658f45f6693b9051e8e87.js:58:29343
    at http://mydomain/4f77f157344da732002658f45f6693b9051e8e87.js:58:16314
    at http://mydomain/4f77f157344da732002658f45f6693b9051e8e87.js:58:29935
    at Function.e._withTemplateInstanceFunc (http://mydomain/4f77f157344da732002658f45f6693b9051e8e87.js:59:2833)
    at http://mydomain/4f77f157344da732002658f45f6693b9051e8e87.js:58:29842
    at f.call (http://mydomain/4f77f157344da732002658f45f6693b9051e8e87.js:277:1842)
    at f.mustacheImpl (http://mydomain/4f77f157344da732002658f45f6693b9051e8e87.js:277:1097)

That is not true. It came out last night and running meteor update will install it. The website also shows it as the latest stable version on meteor.com.

So, that’s embarrassing :flushed:

Is there a better (one might say more reactive :wink: ) way of being notified about new releases (I didn’t get any emails about this one)?

I have problems with 1.0.5 too.
No prob in console but i have the background image only…
This upgrade broke my site… I cry lol

I would say Github might be a better place for this kind of stuff, guys.

I found out just because we ran a Meteor update during one of my apprentice videos. I think there is normally an RC announcement, but this one didn’t have any RC I think :frowning:

My deployed Meteor site also broke with the update. I get a connection fail from a failed GET request for a favicon.ico. This makes me never want to update Meteor again, it has my resume on this site and I wanted to show someone. :frowning: It does work locally, however.