Upload and parse csv example

In case it helps anyone, I created a very simple csv uploader and parser here.

Also see [this post] (Sample Meteor upload and CSV importer) for another example.

Hope it helps.

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Hi @zenev,

I noticed that you’re not using any parsing package and it super minimal and simple. :+1:

Currently, i’m having issues in importing a CSV file, though, the data on the file is stored on my collection but the problem is I have schema, in my schema i have different types of fields (date, number, etc…) and nested fields, the data on my collection coming from the csv file is all typed string, on my template I have Date moment format to display a certain date and i have some math calculations based on the Number type.

Good luck to me as i haven’t found any solution on my problem as i’m nearing the deadline of my app :frowning: