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Would be really nice to have a section about how to work with subdomains on Meteor in the guide.


similar to this:

Would be helpful especially if MDG is targeting enterprise apps… 70% probably need some version of this


Amen! Amen!
Need subdomains…


If anyone has any good ideas about subdomains, we’d be happy to see a contribution to the guide about it!


Actually…he managed to get a lot done Uploaded 18 meteor apps to single VPS - and it works! :)

Kind of a similar concept…


Is the official recommendation still flow router. Project seems stale? Last commit was in april and for the longest time there has been no ping from Arunoda or others.

In forum theres topics like this:

Im unsure about which router to to use in next project.


Honestly routers are not that complicated - I’m not sure what it even means for a router to be “stale”. But you can apply similar reasoning to react router etc.


Are you starting your project with Blaze or React as a view layer? If it’s the former - go with FlowRouter, it’s stable and proven (even if it doesn’t receive much updates lately, I never ran into any issue with it). If it’s the latter then probably React Router is the way to go.


Also, I’m trying to revitalize FlowRouter via FineRouter. So, PRs and contributors are welcomed.

And I agree, if going React, then at least look at ReactRouter (although FineRouter works with React of course), otherwise FineRouter or FlowRouter is what to use.


Thanks sashko. Router is not stale *) but project seem to be :smiley:


*) http://www.dictionary.com/browse/stale


Im going with Blaze so FlowRouter it is then. Thank you!

Thanks. I’ll be watching this project. Great initiative!!


Hello @sashko ,

It wouldn’t be a news if I say kadira:flow-router mentioned in this guide is outdated and unmaintained now.
Will it be okay with you and MDG if I send a PR to add ostrio:flow-router-extra as the alternative (or replacement) to kadira:flow-router? It’s already mentioned in the Blaze routing docs.


Recently released meteor@1.5 brought great performance enhancements and dynamic import(..), we’re happy to introduce dynamic per route import(..).

Our test app, which was ~4MB, using dynamic import(..) - only ~800KB!
Try it now and do not hesitate to share your story :slight_smile:


I think this would be great especially if it comes with patterns for dynamic module loading!


Hey there,

I’m trying to render an external link using a normal link tag.

Any link that I have automatically prepends a local route. If I just print the same dataUrl on the screen, the local route is not prepended.

I can write a hack that tells the Router to go externally, but for SEO this is horrible that I can’t have a regular link in the page. It creates unintended nofollow that I need to get past.


Nevermind I was being dumb. If I have https or http appended then they route fine.