User Presence Packages?


Is there a package to publish a users activity? I.e. cursor position, active route etc.

I’m using the excellent mizzao user status, but it doesn’t have this feature.


These could help you start out:

What you need to do is create a collection (to store the activities) where you will trigger inserts upon such events that you can react to (using those packages listed above), publish the collection accordingly.


Thanks for the links. They are useful. I’ll dig more through the code.

Regarding your second point, I don’t think using a collection with pub/sub will scale well. As this data is ephemeral, I’d prefer a package that provides a non-persisted pub/sub. Do you know of such a package? I’ve heard of meteor streams, but the project is not active.


On the contrary, you need server side persistence in order to be able to scale to more than one meteor instance. Without a collection (db persistence), you will need to resort to a message queue or some other shared server side cache to propagate the activities of a user from one server instance to another in multi-instance environments.


Good point. That makes sense now that I think about it. Thanks