Using Java bridge in meteor

I’m trying to invoke Java bridge in meteor application. But I have issue with process being terminated by SIGILL.

The code is taken to node-java npm example.

I’m getting this error:

=> Exited from signal: SIGILL

Has anyone got Java running inside meteor?

Wow, I didn’t know something like node-java exists!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to play well with the fibers package that Meteor uses, as per this open issue:

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Hm, does you code need to run within Meteor.startup?

Furthermore, I now wonder if wrapping that code within a setTimeout (not a meteor.settimeout though) with 0 delay would somehow trick the process to break out of the fiber, hmm…

Or perhaps Future.detach could be a starting point…

Or you could just create a separate small node app and deploy it as a microservice that the main app can consume over rest, or even ddp with some additional work.


Thanks!!! :slight_smile: This saved me lots of hours of work!