Using Multiple Domains With One App

Hi I am just wondering if it’s possible to use multiple domains with one app? Any guidance about how I could make the following possible would be much appreciated.

I am going to have a control panel on my main domain were each client will have a user account.

When they make changes to their account I would like to send it to the database and show the database results on their domain. Basically they will have directory linked to their domain that will show database results though template files within that directory.

If a user signs up for an account I will setup all of the directories and point the domain to the directory manually as we will be working with a small client base.

Would you recommend using separate DB’s or would it be okay to use one database for the whole entire app and use User Accounts.

Just in case you are wondering why I am doing this is because we are making a very very simple e-commerce solution for a certain industry that will list products however there will be no payment gateway as of yet it is a very simple app that displays product information such as photos and attributes.

ALSO can I just add that each individual account needs to receive it’s own form results from the template on their domain. I’m not sure how this would work?

Any advice before I start this would be great!

I think you are looking for multitenancy for which, you can take a look at mizzao:partitioner

Check this topic out – especially this post.