Using server methods from a form with many fields



I wish to call CRUD server side methods.
Within these methods, I already need to explicitly check each field.
(The form could have many fields and everytime I would add a new field, I would need to add code in the event handler as well as the server side method)

But from the calling side, do I need to explicitly define the “tag:value” for each field present on the form,
or there is a away to “scan” every tag and value present in the event handler’s parameter?
(so that I can send them to the method without noninclusive hard coding (need for coding) if there is new fields added to the form)



You can use something like to serialize all your form inputs into one object and pass through to your method at once.


have you looked at autoForm? the learning curve is well worth it in our experience. Saves you a ton of time writing all this validate and crud stuff by hand each time.