🚦 TRANSMISSION #2: broadcasting the latest from Meteor Forums

Really loved the first pod cast. Finally some content which is more relaxed with long term perspectives.

Since there was a request for feedback, just two minor points:

  • Would just be great if @sashko could record the voice uncompressed, i.e.in parallel via memo on iPhone & send per mail to Ben, to put together before upload. The compressed skype audio is quite hard to understand at some point… especially when it’s American English, listened by foreigners
  • Not sure if it’s a slang thing for the western part of the US, but you guys say the word like every few words which can be quite distracting while trying to focus on the audio

I actually found it pleasant that you two where for once more losely chatting instead of sticking and rumbling down the agenda. A great personal touch


Hey guys just got back from a short vacation (although couldn’t stay off the forums the whole time, should fix that next time!).

@benstr I think I’m going to pick the topics about Reactive GraphQL and Meteor open source/pull requests. Hope those are exciting for you guys!

And of course I’ll dig up a much better microphone :slight_smile:


Howdy all the awesome peeps who follow this thread. @sashko and I will be recording the show later today… here are the topics we will be covering. I only picked 3 because I feel the Reactive GraphQL topic has some potential for a great convo. If you all want to see a 4th topic just reply!


Yes: Meteor Load-Times (Developer Experience)

  • How high is that on the prio list and what efforts are done to get close to Webpacks dev experience?

(There is a thread; I’ll dig it up)


We can cover that on the third topic… if you have another forum post, it would be great for added context on the subject.

Here you go. A plain search in the forums for “load times”, “build times”, “developer experience” would bring up much more but below the most recent one.

Without to Spam, the reason why I chipped it in: I had a long discussion with a start up today if they would drop webpack and re-join meteor with 1.3 to simplify their stack. Than the discussion turned into a “does it make sense instead to rather drop meteor completely because the developer experience (rebuild times) is still terrible”. Two points of discussion for you two

  • What is the effort to compete on webpacks / hot module replacement / live reload developer experience? How far is it on the agenda?
  • Since a substantial overhaul of the build system is quite a task: Is there any motivation (along meteors repo-split up into npm packages) to have meteor particularly serve other build tools (such as webpack) to make it easier to tune ones dev experience? Currently, having meteor and wepack work together is quite a hack (233 Replies).

2 hours later … we recorded all 3 topics :sweat_smile: we tried


Can’t wait for it! Hope post production doesn’t take too long :smiley:


Audio of Episode 2.1 is out: Reactive GraphQL will make MeteorJS relevant to every Web Developer

Thanks for the patience everyone. Hoping to get the next 2 parts out quickly.


Coming at you with the video!

You know, if you like our faces and @benstr’s cool laptop stickers.

Thanks again to Ben for hosting and producing the show!

I recommend watching/listening at 1.5x speed :stuck_out_tongue:


Any chance that there will be some noob topics on this podcast?

We’re covering the most intense and exciting topics from these forums, so it will probably be about community concerns or the general direction of Meteor. Hopefully some of those topics are accessible to “noobs” as well!

Is there anything in particular you would be interested in hearing about?

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Great job, guys! I am really loving this podcast! @benstr you seem worried about keeping the length down. For me that’s not an issue. I’d prefer as much depth on a topic as I can possibly get. I think this podcast already does depth well, but the more the better from my perspective.

Only one complaint: It’s practically a crime that the robo voice woman at the end of the podcast doesn’t say “transmission complete” or “end of transmission”


WOW! What a “no-brainer”! TY

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Show 2.2 is out, Is Meteor Really “Open-Source” :sweat_smile:


Wahoo! Now I can stop spamming refresh on PocketCast…


And here’s the video!


Great work, I enjoyed the first 3 podcasts.

@benstr In the opening of the first one you suggested @arunoda was strategically linkbaiting/hooking by saying “right now meteor is a mess, frankly it’s a really bad time to start a meteor project”. I disagree, and feel the impulse to protect. I don’t think he thought anything along these lines. There was a keyword: “frankly” (meaning in an open, honest, and direct manner) which you disregarded or didn’t believe.

But, objectively it is a difficult time to start a project, if only because there’s a lot of confusion and uncertainty. Sure, if you close your eyes and ears and avoid all the noise, you can move ahead easily, but there’s a lot of stress in picking the right technology. Blaze vs. React. And if you pick React there’s still no clear way to manage state, you can use Meteor’s approach or Flux or Redux, or now Mantra.

All this causes people stress and confusion. This is clear to me. And I think it’s no blame or criticism on MDG. A lot of it is the reality of the JS ecosystem. Maybe arunoda could have pointed this out better, and he’s pretty busy, and I think he’s not a diplomat or politician! :smiley:

So, really don’t want to ignite another conversation about “is meteor a mess?” just want to set the record straight on what this possibly means.


Ha ha. Good analysis.
Yeah. Stop debating and let’s move on with the work we have to do.


I totally agree with you, @arunoda and I talked to the same affect after that show was released. My point was not to bang him, or to say “I am better”, but I want to make authors aware that uneducated or less informed readers will be absorbing the information and they will take the words “Meteor is a mess” as literal as it sounds. That is something we all need to be aware when we release content. To understand how our words will come across differently to different people and make judgement calls on the words we choose to use.

To the point… A dev like Arunoda or myself, whom work with Meteor everyday. If we hear “Meteor is a mess” we would agree and could list the reasons to back it up. Then we would turn around and start our next project with… Meteor :slightly_smiling:

To a dev not familiar with the reasons why we agree with that state, it looks like we are opponents to Meteor and thus they could take the statement literally and ignore Meteor as an option for their next project. When in fact Meteor would have been awesome for their project.

It is a sad truth, but we live in a world of generalization. We all need to be politically correct or at least clearer with our words.

BTW Arunoda for President :tada: