Vue as the base of Blaze 2.0


Absolutly where’s striving for that. We want this to be as seemless as possible.

I’m right there with you. But the thing is, I’d like a lot of the benefits and options I see in React and Vue. If this gets pulled off the way we hope, then we get the best of both worlds (or close to it).

This move to a Blaze2 over Vue is us thinking of all the people that invested in Blaze. It’s the reason we are trying this approach at all. Try to keep compatibility with existing Blaze projects, at the same time, get all the features and performance of a modern front end framework like Vue. Let’s hope it works out for the best.

Yes, I have asked him, this is his response:


Indeed. And it’s growing in popularity and features.


Well, if this were to support Blaze’s syntax, I see no reason why it should not.

But who knows, because by the time Meteor 1.5+ come out, its kind of unknown whats going to happen with all the existing packages…


And that one dev worth xx devs. Beating React and Angular 2 in term of performance is such accomplishment. We should consider quality rather than quantity.


Reading github issue, it look like just replacing Spacebar Compiler with Vue Compiler so then Vue will take care rendering part. Therefore, Blaze will take advantage of Vue rendering performance.

So you use Blaze as you know it, with Vue for rendering


There are also community core developers working on Vue.


For me the biggest reason I want to see the continuation of Blaze is that it would be too much work for me to migrate my current production Blaze app to Vue/React or anything else.


You should be able to create Meteor apps the old way with the last version of the experimentation with Blaze-style events map. Some Spacebars tags and other things like data context, helpers params and passing props are not implemented yet, but it has new features thanks to Vue.


If it can be compatible with blaze 1.0 I am all for it. However I just spent a good amount of time trying to make a project in feathers and vue and ultimately fell back to doing it in meteor. Mainly I needed to use many jquery components and it wasn’t straightforward at all on integrating them into vue. In meteor its very easy to do. For me if I can’t integrate easily with components that already exist then I don’t really care if it’s a bit faster. I don’t want to recreate components like select2, datatables, etc. Not to mention all the great things in blaze like autoforms and simple schema, etc. If all this stuff works like it already does in blaze then great, but be very careful about backwards compatibility. Its the one thing that is really worrying me about meteor and made me try those other two franeworks in the first place. I would take speed and ease of coding over a faster framework any day. After all most of the projects we work on never actually hit performance issues. If they do we should be making enough money to be able to fix them.


I agree. Blaze 1.0 compatibility is a must. And - at least for me - this would also mean, that most of the cool existing Blaze extensions should still work as expected. For instance, I am heavily using aldeed’s template-extension which allows to overload certain templates. This comes in very handy if you have a core product with several spring-offs for different customers.


I will put my 2 cents here as an “experienced” Vue developer and teacher… Ok, the project history is in its early stages compared to other frameworks, but with almost one year using Vue I think I’m there enough time to say something.

The evolution between Vue 1 and 2 was amazing! All the things that React made us open our eyes to, are now on Vue 2, better than in React IMHO (more about it here). The community is growing faster than I could believe. Here in Brazil, currently we are translating the Vue documentation with help of the open source community, something I had already tried in the past with Meteor but with no success since we hadn’t enough helpers.

I believe that in very small time we have reached a interesting markeshare and proudly attraction to Vue. During the same time, MDG shifted its priorities and Blaze has become more and more “old” and frozen. Since DDP is nice, Apollo is amazing, client-server reactivity is beautiful and Tracker does it well enough, it seems to me that the official frontend framework is the only thing that keeps Meteor “outdated” nowadays. Vue can definitely changes it positively!

If that idea grows up and matures in the future, I’ll do my best to attract people from Vue community to Meteor. It’ll be advantageous for both worlds!


I’m new to Meteor relatively. I’ve done a few small projects in it, and I’ll be honest. It’s what I was looking for over a few years.

I Love Blaze
It allows me to make sense of my front end, and use a really nice backend that just does things for me ‘magically’. All things that I’ve done myself in NodeJS on my own, and with a lot of effort and time, and now it literally takes me minutes to make changes that might otherwise take hours or days.

A HUGE part of that is Blaze. I love it. It is so easy to pick up and start to understand. This community is amazing in helping with it’s use, and it has seriously allowed me to jump into some large projects with far less time and effort, but still amazing results.

I want Meteor to Continue and Grow, but…
I want to see this project to continue forward and grow in popularity. I’m hoping that I can convince the dev team at my work (where I work as a Product Manager) to start using meteor for some of our enterprise level work.

That means, however, they’ll want something fairly new and up to date, well maintained, but also something where they feel confident in it’s longevity.

Not a React Fan
I’ve seen it, tried it, done tutorials on it, and honestly, I’m not impressed. I think it’s a lot of hype because Facebook “made it”. I really don’t like trying to combine dom and javascript in the way they do it.

The Angular Train
Angular is interesting…I really didn’t like the Angular 1.x stuff, and Angular 2 has made some vast improvements, but still, it’s just not something I like. It seems laggy and slow, and maybe that’s just my perception, but it is wha it is.

Please keep Blaze backward compatible
Whatever you do, please keep the next phase of Blaze (be it Blaze 2, Vue, or whatever) backward compatible, and as beautifully simple and powerful as it has been. If you can improve on that, then Awesome!

Finally, a big THANK YOU
To everyone who works so diligently on these amazing projects, libraries, plug-ins, frameworks, and everything Meteor - THANK YOU!!! You are amazing, incredible people.


Thanks @ErickPetru for the thoughtful post.

Personally, I think the next step is the meteor guide, we need a VueJS chapter there. This will benefit both communities.

I also believe that having Blaze style wrapper is not a bad thing. It would be great for newbies and help transition of a large group of developers (based on surveys more than half developers on this forum - the silent majority)


+1 on making Vue like React/Angular/Blaze: as a first-class citizen.


Lovely thread, I’ll enjoy following this :sparkles:

I’d say backwards compatibility with the Blaze/Handlebars syntax is huge. We’ve got a large app, and we simply cannot invest resources in migrating to either React or Vue syntax right now. So for adoption, keeping the old syntax is an enormous factor.


I completely agree. MDG should invest the same amount of resources they invested into making React work well with Meteor.


Just a thought. Shouldn’t the powers that be reached out to Evan and get his input on all of this? He did work at MDG for some time and is the one who started the vue framework. So he should be able too say with some authority what is and isn’t feasible.

Like most young developers I came to meteor because of Blaze. Without it most of the people who use Meteor today would NOT be using it. I think it would be unwise to move forward with vuejs and leave Blaze 1.0 behind.

As it stands now most of the Meteor hype has died down and the cracks/splits in the community is now evident. You have the Meteor React camp, the Meteor Angular camp, the Meteor Blaze camp and now the Meteor Vuejs camp is getting started :smiley:.

To those who have production apps out there running on Blaze, has any of your paying clients ever come to you and said “Hey can you switch to (React, Angular, Vuejs) or we are going to take our business and go elsewhere?”

I say the folks managing the Blaze repo get a list of the top 10 bugs and top 10 features folks need in Blaze and see what’s easier to do, implement them or switch to a Vuejs hybrid.

Blaze isn’t perfect but its simplicity is unsurpassed and sacrificing it in the eternal chase of perfection isn’t what Meteor needs right now (which is DB support other than Mongo :expressionless:)

Just my 2c.


I’ve been using Meteor since 2013 (yes, way back in the early v0.x days).

I have no idea why people go crazy over React and Angular. I’ve used both, and they both, frankly, suck.

It’s like we don’t appreciate what we have with Blaze. It’s so easy to use and simple, that we underestimate how powerful it is. But the simplicity of it is what makes it great! And the way that React combines Javascript with dom - yuck!

We’re forgetting why we picked up Meteor in the first place. Meteor wouldn’t be what it is without Blaze. But I think the people in this thread agree with this, and I’m glad to see so many people (finally) speak out about it.

With that being said, I don’t really care what is going on under the hood. Blaze’s rendering engine can be Vue for all I care, as long as we do not abandon the patently “Blaze” developer experience.


I totally agree and support the argument here.


Sorry for not contributing anything substantial here, but instead of calling it Blaze2, wouldn’t the name Bluez be just great? :grin: