WebStorm - Include Packages does not work

So I just started to learn meteor and tried to follow the “Todo App with React” Tutorial.
It all works very nice but Webstorm does not detected stuff I added with “meteor add …” like React.
When I type React.render(.. Webstorm says that React is unresolved variable or type React.

I googled and found out that I can import meteor packages as library when I open the packages file and import them with the link in the right corner. I did that but it didn’t help. Still got the same problem.
I opened the library file which Webstorm created for me and it is empty - I think there went somethring wrong on creating the library file from the packages.

Would be nice if anyone could help me on this!

You should try https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/WI/WebStorm+EAP which has out of box support for React.

I did this while still using Meteor 1.1. Now that I have updated to 1.2, my included packages are still there, nothing has changed.

@serkandurusoy I already use the EAP :confused:

Anyone got an idea what the problem can be?

Found the issue, it’s a bug in WebStorm: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-18331

And it is now fixed in the latest eap build which is available for downloads.

I got the latest EAP Verison (142.5255) and it’s not working for me. I got an answer on my bug report today so I dont think it’s fixed.

Oops, sorry. This is fixed, but not released yet. Expect a release in about 2 weeks.