Welcome to the Meteor Forum

Hello! This is a public discussion forum for Meteor, an open-source pure JavaScript platform for building web and mobile apps. This is a great place to introduce a project you’re working on, get help with something, discuss a package or particular technical topic, or propose changes to Meteor.

When you post a new topic, please put it in the right category. We currently have categories for:

  • announce: General announcements
  • help: Asking for help (but see below)
  • community: General announcements
  • core: Discussion of changes to Meteor core
  • meta: Discussion about these forums

To contribute bug reports and patches to the Meteor core itself, the right place is our GitHub repository. Before you post a bug or patch, please first read the Contributing to Meteor guidelines.

Want to get involved with the project? Check out our Get Involved page.

Welcome to Meteor. We hope you enjoy working with it and getting to know our worldwide community of developers.