What are Meteor Developer Accounts permissions and options and where are the docs?


I want to use meteor developer accounts for an app, but it seems there absolutely is no documentation regarding what permissions or options are available.

  • Can I receive the user email? How?
  • Can I pass any options to the endpoint in order to customize the user experience? (There’s some reference to userEmail or loginHint in the source, but no explanation there either)
  • Where is the documentation?

cc @sakulstra I think you’d be interested in this topic, too


Assuming you’ve set up your app on https://www.meteor.com/account-settings and configured the service parameters accordingly, when you login your user object has a services['meteor-developer'] object:

  "accessToken": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "expiresAt": null,
  "username": "robfallows",
  "emails": [
      "address": "xxxxxx@gmail.com",
      "primary": true,
      "verified": true
      "address": "xxxxx@xxxxxx.co.uk",
      "verified": true
  "id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Is that any help?


The docs are definitely lacking. Taking a look at the accounts-oauth source might help. For example:

This helps explain the intent of loginHint (userEmail was deprecated).


Don’t know what I did wrong exactly, but now after executing meteor reset and relogin via meteor-developers i also have email[1] instead of email[0]. So at least this is working now :slight_smile:


Thank you guys, this has really been helpful.

Now the only missing thing is a list of values we can pass to requestPermissions!