What are you working on?

Share your project that you’re working on.


I’m working on an app which keeps track of real estate transaction. But I’m moving to new project in the next few weeks. How about you?

Working on three projects total. One professionally is a commodity marketing platform, the other two are side projects which include a data aggregation service and a social network for concerts/sporting events.

Working on https://listen.eu.meteorapp.com/listen


Just a FYI

Your site looks good! Only issue I noticed was that there are 3 scrollbars.


Thanks . I’ll take a look at that.

I am working on an app to help me manage and support smart building issue tracking. We use a combination of Yanzi and Rigado sensors that monitor occupancy, light, sound, temperature and humidity. There are also blue tooth GPS beacons for wayfinding and location. We have 45 buildings at our WHQ online currently and approximatly14,000 users. As we move firther in to building automation we will be including monitoring all the soap dispensers, paper products through out the campus restrooms. I am using Meteor/ReactJS to manage user issues, sensor health/status and everything else that my day encounters. I like Meteor for its flexibility and ease of use for fast prototyping. The ability to use websockets and traditional rest APIs make working with the different vendors a lot easier.


I’m building a quick little app that combines fantasy football with politics…fantasy politics! Silly, but it let’s me play around with Meteor so why not.

Thought I might share this one as well. It’s running on a tiny container so there’s a Cold Start.


Vistory (Visual History) is an animated, timeline-based historical map builder running on-top of Google Maps. I also added a history blog RSS aggregator as well. It’s a work in progress, but it was fun to code the map editor.

Since a few years ago I am developing Coach Studio. It is a platform with advanced tools to organize the training managment of sports teams. It is a platform for coaches and clubs.

bit.ly/sherlocktoexcel launched very recently after a year of tinkering in meteorjs Vuejs

This seems like a really interesting project.

How are you handling the message queue if there is a connection error with a sensor/device?

Are you using something like RabbitMQ? Any information you can share about the infrastructure of this would be cool!

All the sensor data is routed to the vendors cloud. I merely pull data from those clouds. Individual sensors connect to a gateway. The gateways handle the connection to the clouds and manage all the data flows.


The company work for has a very large IoT infrastructure. We have over 600 buildings and 50 million sft of digitized maps. We use Azure IoT connectors and a huge data store to collect the data. Our mobile apps provide real-time data occupancy status for conference and desks for several large campus. I use meteor for issue tracking, individual sensor and gateway status battery health, network connectivity. I also use Meteor for reporting and alerting. I also use Meteor for space change management, forms for management teams to report space name changes, amenities that are available and such. The main Mobil apps also provide space booking through Outlook.


Right on! Sounds cool.

Working on an online support system for re-introducing people to work after health rehabilitation.
Working on MathTrek Holodeck, a system to navigate through Jupyter Notebooks. This is an experiment to exploit the dynamic creation of of SageCells as Vue components for the execution of Jupyter code cells.

I get this when it loads. Looks interesting though. :slight_smile:

If possible, select “Library” in the Hamburger menue in the upper left corner. In the Library click on the Hopf fibration book and select the middle icon (Read).
The root url is https://holodeck.mathtrek.eu.

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I’m building a platform for kitesurfing/windsurfing/foiling addicts to share their love of these sports: get gear & spots descriptions, weather forecast & alerts, plan & record sessions, like, comment, get notified, statistics, etc.

The UI is based on Ionic/Angular but Meteor gives me great convenience in the backend + sweet reactivity for chat, notifications etc.


A great part of the platform is limited to logged in users, but I want to open it more, soon. You can already look around.

Comments welcome!

Thanks for asking, @mvogt22 :wink: