What exactly does "pay as you go mean"?

Hostings and deployments are new to me, so my question may sound stupid.
What exactly does Galaxy’s “pay as you go mean” statement mean? How does it work? I pay $0.035 for hour everytime my app is being used? So i might pay for 24 hours or for 2/4/6 hours depending on usage?
Or do i pay $0.035 + some fee for data usage per hour depending on amount of data being transferred?
Or do i just pay $25.2 (0.0352430) monthly and nothing else?

I am building a non-profit hobby project so i am trying to figure out if Galaxy will give me best bang for the buck.

You deploy an app on N containers and the timer starts at T1.

The billing date T2 arrives and (T2-T1) in hours times (depending on the container size) $0.035 times N gets billed.

You delete an app and the timer for that app stops.

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You’re billed $0.035 / hour while the container is running, then you get charged on a monthly basis.

There’s a tiny mention during the sign up process (which could probably be made more clear)

Also take a look at the first question here - https://www.meteor.com/why-meteor/galaxy-faq

So just to clarify. If i am the only user of app and if i am using app only 3 hours a day i will be charged 30.03530 = $3.15 at the end of the month?


As long as your app stays deployed on galaxy, even if there are no users connected, you will still pay 24 x 0.035 x 30

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Thank you guys for your answers @serkandurusoy @reoh

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