What is the current status on react hot loading and meteor?

I am using React + Meteor.

As my project starts to grow, the rebuild time is becoming incredibly slow. Every simple change is taking about 4 seconds to rebuild, because it takes a full page reload every time.

For changes in css files, it takes also around 2 seconds to apply, but at least they do not require a full page reload.

So I started to google for a solution, and I have found a lot of different approaches, but all of them seem to have a dead end. My current status is: people were talking about react hot loading years ago, the most promising approach was:

announcement: React Hotloading in native Meteor is ready (i.e. no webpack)

But it should be a transitional solution, and it seems to be not maintained anymore.

Also I have found webpack integrations, which are all not maintaned too.

So please, could someone point me in a direction to find the actual status of react hot loading with meteor and/or how to reduce rebuild time in development?

Thank you

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I don’t know if this of any help, but the last few prior releases of Meteor had worked on improving rebuild time quite a bit. I would make sure you are using an up to date version!

Everything is up to date. But maybe I need to optimize something? What is the average rebuild time for you guys?

does nobody have any information?

I would follow-up if I could but I am using an older version of Meteor for our main project (

Our projects fairly large, just tested a small change and takes about 28-30 seconds to rebuild.

sorry for necroposting, but the topic is still actual. anyone succeeded with this?