What package are you missing?

In this topic you can voice your need for new community packages. And if you are lucky someone will make it for you :wink:



Some ideas:

  • a simplified version of aldeed:simple-schema, compatible (if possible) with Meteor check library
  • a simplified version of aldeed:collection2, based on the above
  • a simple form package (could be based on templates:forms, which is not active anymore)
  • a ckeditor package
  • a simplified version of flow-router, with no subscription management

These are more esoteric suggestions and I may end up writing the packages myself but:

  • Operational Transforms, the magic behind Google docs that allows concurrent editing. The main issue is that every OT library, let alone js let alone Meteor seems to either be abandoned or still just a proof of concept/alpha.
  • Amazon Lambda, this is more of an experiment, having the ability to run Meteor method on either an app server or through Amazon Lambda would open up a lot of possibilities.
  • Graffiti Components really cool talk about a new way of building components, but again very alpha so more of experimenting.
  • Liquid-Fire-Meteor, Emberjs has a fantastic animation library and I want it in Meteor, I have no idea how to do it or if its even possible with Blaze in its current state, but if someone smarter than me makes it, I would pay actual money for it.

@Steve flow-router is like 1000 lines of code to begin with, any more simplified and it will vanish :wink:

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Hey @Steve,

In flow-router most of the stuff are optional.
Subscription management is optional as well.
We build it in a way that, we won’t impact with performance or re-rendering.

Here’s a reason why we are having subscriptions on the router.

It’s only for the fast-render support

FastRender can’t automatically detect template level subscriptions. That’s because since we don’t have SSR support yet.

FlowRouter 2.0 is complete and we are releasing next week. In version 3.0 we are bring SSR to flow-router and then we don’t need have subscriptions on the router.

I’m not sure we are going to remove subscriptions management from the router, but we could simply avoid that.

Right now, I’m re-building our main website(https://kadira.io) in react and I’m experiment with writing it 100% with component level subscriptions.


@arunoda, I was a bit provocative here and I expected your reaction. Sorry for playing with your nerves :wink:

The problem is I still see newbies convinced that subscription is a router thing. Several community leaders have pushed this way for years. Now we need a big push the other way around, and you are in the best position to help. At least, please change the flow-router doc, where the chapter about subscription management is in 3rd position, even before the chapter about rendering!

Doc is changing for sure.

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There is ShareJS and https://atmospherejs.com/mizzao/sharejs. We use it in our app.

Wishing for a supported “meteor streams”.
Currently using Arunoda’s implementation quite happily, but it is a dead project.
I use Meteor in a real-time instrumentation system (typically a few hundred samples per second ), using streams for the real-time stuff and Mongo for the client support.

It may be that streams is a little inefficient for this and most probably down the track I will look to see what efficiency gains can be had with lower level pipes, but for now the convenience of streams wins and I can see many apps will/do use it.


I am aware of ShareJS, and it is probably the best out there at the moment. But the lack of extensibility for document types (or at least a built in rich text type) is currently a deal breaker for me. Though I have looked into extending it myself and there is too much work required for a non essential part of my app.

@Steve @arunoda +1 for flow-router without subscription management. Subs management should be template only.

edit: ok, I read the replies, fair enough! Tbh, i don’t use the subscriptions in FR either but I guess I don’t mind if the option is there.

I’m trying to get access to NFC (Near Field Communication) via cordova. I was expecting to do something like it’s done for the Geolocation in the localmarket example, but cannot find any NFC package to install. Am I missing something?
Thank you in advance for your attention.

I would like to see yogiben:admin to be ported to use flow-router, instead of iron-router.
Tried it myself, but failed on this attempt

templates:forms has a 2.0 branch https://github.com/meteortemplates/forms/tree/release/2.0.0

Something like Rails Admin for meteor. I would declare my schema, and it would generate a full on data administrator for me automatically.

meteor-kitchen is pretty good for this

I think there is only one package that can hnadle NFC - Chariot Solution’s phongap-nfc.

You can you install it via meteor CLI.

meteor add cordova:com.chariotsolutions.nfc.plugin@0.5.1

or if you want to use some fork which supports APDU (the original by chariot solutions does NOT support it!), you can add the package asi a git commit tarball.

For example this one supports APDU transaction, for communication with wireless cards.

meteor add cordova:com.chariotsolutions.nfc.plugin@https://github.com/jalbersol/phonegap-nfc/tarball/ebfcd23bc5bba01d9b9529f0fbe528894e6bca64

+1 for admin package.

I think a modolar (telescope like) aproach would be really great for it, so you can easily change themes, routing or add extra features.

I think this is a pretty important field for many apps, and yet we do not have the best solution for it.

Isn’t this the admin package?

Something like ruby Faker. The anti:fake is a nice approach, but stills lacking a lot of features.

Have you tried: https://atmospherejs.com/digilord/faker ?

It wraps https://github.com/Marak/faker.js

It has a vast list of options so many that I often find myself taking quite awhile to find the one I want to use.

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