What projects are you guys working on?

We’re also working in open source a Google Cloud App Engine deployment script, like the ones the community have for AWS and Azure.

Edt: Here it is: https://www.npmjs.com/package/meteor-google-cloud


Hi, Mike! Fun topic.

I do something similar: integration, mobile and prototyping work for clients, with quite a bit of it done in Meteor. Mostly I do internal tools, very little consumer-facing. Here are a couple of examples:


From time to time, I do get overloaded, and I’m deeply interested in building networks of skilled independent creatives (software engineers and otherwise) so if anybody with a portfolio is in the same boat, I’d be interested in talking about sharing work!


Hello! I am making an application for psychological testing in research and counseling. I am a psychologist, and when I chose a web application development tool, I thought that Meteor is most convenient for people who are not professional programmers. And at the same time, the Meteor provides many opportunities for interaction between the psychologist and the client in the research process. That’s why I really like him! :slight_smile:


Writing an app that is at the cross section of genealogy (searching for your ancestors/building a family tree) and DNA (using the results of DNA tests).

Please see https://yourDNA.family

Meteor has been the right choice and so far it runs stable & scales (on the small number of beta testers). The real test will obviously come on launch, with a lot of compute intense, long running processes and for each new user over 100,000 MongoDb queries.


That’s cool
I started using meteor about 7 years ago. For that last 2 years have also been working on a platform for automation and productivity… but in the form of a semantic analog neural network. Believe it or not, Meteor is quite a good platform for that :slight_smile:


This aural history social network called Pixstori.
This competition entry system for the Type Directors Club.
This dice game (I need to update this).


Facebook killing app.


Not yet, I might share it once I finish working on it.

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Still in development stage. Will be released in August.
Warning: none English content.

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It’s online now.
Having a minor problem with CPU usage. I’m working on that issue.
Currently it runs on google compute engine, 2 cpu + 1.8GB of ram.

2 cpus is lots of better than 1.

I upgraded to 2 cpus and the system load decreases significantly.


Hello everyone! Sorry for interrupting this topic but I’m new here and I need to change my password already. Can’t find this option in my profile. How to do it?

Direct message coming your way…

Social City just went open source!


It looks nice, is the code open?


I have been working on a Meteor at masseducationweapon.com for people who are learning english and wants to practice it.



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Hi Matt,

I wonder if you are willing to exchange banners with me.
I am working on an education app for English as a Second Language.

A complete Human Resources Management System for 1000+ employees … including multiple modules (HR , Payroll , Reports , KPIs … Business Trips , Training … etc ) … I built myself as I am a Full stack developer …
Meteor is just Awesome


My latest venture is a Server UI for Wireguard. I was inspired by the Subspace project, and after it bombed on me, started working on my own. It’s come a long way.

Currently set to Run on Linux / Unix based servers.

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This: https://www.attentto.com/ :slight_smile: Meteor,vue and Vuetify

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