What projects are you guys working on?

Hey Guys,

Been programming in Meteor/JS for about 9 months now, I choose it to utilize to start a business building cloud based automation and productivity solutions for small businesses. I was doing industrial sales locally and noticed a severe lack of usage of technology to increase productivity. Just signed my third customer yesterday so I’m pretty excited.

I’ve turned to these forums a lot for help, and I’ve been wondering, what are the rest of you doing here? Are you working for yourselves or are you employed?



Hi Mike, glad to hear you’re using Meteor professionally. I personally run my own little coding studio, I dropped all clients and noise and now I am writing for myself. I write a social network for activities including sports management (maybe player exchange too), class management of any kind, ticketing and … pretty much anything that falls under spending time alone, friends, family or team. Over the past 5 years since I used Meteor (and learn/t Javascript) I discovered that success is in owning tech and not really in selling it. I feel Meteor is the Swiss army knife of the small-medium entrepreneur or enterprise and given now the context of Apollo, horizontal scaling, also performance of Mongo I should not worry for the future.
What I can say to you, be confident that with Meteor you’re covered really well.


Hi guys,

Ive been working with Meteor almost 4 o 5 years now, I started with it because of one of my projects that turned into a startup, but a year later we ran out of money. After a couple more projects and working with other startups in US and Israel im now again working on a startup of my own, we just got in to an accelerator program and its starting to move a little faster than before.

For sure Meteor is one of the main reasons we have had a little of success, it lets us move very quickly and develop features quite fast.

You can check it out at www.propiedata.com, its a web app and pwa for property management in Latinamerica.


I’m working on a project which will be launched in August. Meteor is awesome.


I’m currently writing a new version of Literary Universe while studying full-time Japanese and working for Apify (the app also runs Meteor) as I can to get some income.

I want to diversify my income so I’m looking for a new project that I could build as Literary Universe is my passion and I haven’t figured out a way to monetize it (not to mention it isn’t ready for it), but in the meantime, I’m pushing stuff around Meteor Community.


We run a network of coworking spaces in India (30,000 sq.ft and about 400 members), and we’re building our entire tech stack to automate and manage the spaces and users on Meteor (Vue as front-end). It’s evolving into a series of micro-services and apps behind a common identity layer.

V1.0 was a network automation layer, but now we’re expanding to add more logic to deal with user interaction and self-service capabilities on top.

Been working with Meteor in fits and starts since v0.6.0 (small apps and tools here and there), but this is my first serious application. Part of my paralysis was due to the uncertainty around Blaze and my dislike for React (I just don’t like JSX syntax).

We decided to go with VueJS (helped that we found a great starter kit) and haven’t looked back. A brief overview of our setup is here: Finding a mature and long-lasting setup with meteor)

We’re a super small team (just me and a few folks chipping in on some minor work), but I love the developer velocity that can be achieved with Meteor.


We have a CRM software for the international education industry (geteducation.link), and we’re preparing to move to GCP. We are migrating the heavy lifting from the Meteor apps to a nodejs server. And Meteor apps will be used only by the users for data presentation and easy inserts/updates/remove of documents.


We make business simulation games for high schools and higher education! Link to it

The simulation engine and related tools are all built with Meteor.


I love Meteor and launched a side-hustle business in January: https://www.blankslatepaper.com/

It’s a site where you can customize a writing pad to your handwriting and style, and we print it for you on-demand.

My day job is embedded development, so it doesn’t intersect much with Meteor (or JS for that matter) but I’ve been angling to put together some of our internal tracking apps in Meteor as we grow.



We manage airbnb apartments with a Meteor app. It’s connected to Airbnb and Booking.com and provides real-time messaging with guests, has an integrated calendar, scheduling feature for the cleaners and charts for the apartment owners.


Hi, we have been with Meteor since version 0.4 developing several projects.

The most important project of them is Coach Studio, a platform for coaches and clubs of basketball, football and handball to organize the management of the training in their teams. The platform is currently using Meteor 1.8.1.

We are proud of our success and very satisfied with Meteor. The changes that have been made in Meteor during this time have been for good although from the beginning Meteor could have bet for npm, for example. We still use Blaze and DDP with redis-oplog and it works properly for our needs.


I used meteor professionally in 2014 or 2015 for some freelancing work and was quite impressed by the technology.

Back to 2019, i do not code anymore (moved to a management role) but still in love with Meteor.
I started a new side/pet project during my freetime to play with latest meteor features & vuejs integration just for fun.

So far i have built a project management tool to manage my team projects.

It started basically as a trello/kanban clone and i added some feature for my own purpose
(bpmn diagrams, timeline).

Meteor is probably the most productive tool i have ever seen, it has of course some limitations but it is perfect for side projects :slight_smile:

Note: not all app is translated to english yet, not much unit tests, probably lots of bug too but writing code with meteor during my free time is a real pleasure :slight_smile:


Here comes the crazy one :smiley:
So, I’m working on some kind of all-in-one application, basically user generated “spaces” (like subreddits for exemple) in which modules can be assembled to get the features you’d need for your activity. Modules could be anything from marketplace, collaboration tools, forums, whatever can be used to manage one’s activity online.
One point of this design is to reverse the relationship between what are nowadays mostly web-apps with static features and customers with ever changing and growing needs having to adapt their reality to what is available on their chosen platforms, and more often than not having to use many apps for what are nowadays relatively simple needs. What I’d rather have is a platform where the user reality is the “constant”, and the features can be moved around, added or removed, so that each users’ spaces fit exactly what they need.
So, that’s kind of ambitious :smiley: But between official institutions losing power over the tech giants and the user apparently getting screwed at every corner, there is a growing need for an open source solution that would help “fight” against these. So that’s what I want to do…
Been using Meteor for prototyping the thing, and I’ll probably use it as long as it’s good enough (which it is plenty for now). The hard part for me isn’t really the tech (nor should it matter too much at the start…), it’s just getting out there and speaking about the thing…

So yeah… We’ll see how that one goes eh.


I’ve been using Meteor to create a web app similar to Duolingo but for learning to code. If it wasn’t for Meteor, I really doubt I’d be able to do something like this all on my own. Here’s a link for anyone interested in checking it out.


I’m currently work in on 2 Meteor projects. One is a new, more full featured version of Atmosphere for the community, and the other is an embedded Shopify app to allow store owners to accept XRP cryptocurrency payments directly to their personal wallets without utilizing a third party service.


Meteor is awesome for prototyping and iterative development. I’m working on WorkBase


Hey, I am glad you chosen Meteor. Recently, I made an instagram bot using Meteor and puppeteer - Youtube Demo.


Just spent the last month rebuilding my MMO game. Tore it all apart, back together, running REALLY well. Doing a stress test today, come on over and kill some time!




I’ve been using Meteor for about 3 years now for various projects that interest me. Nothing specifically out there for everyone, but a few things interesting to me.

I have a little app you can run on a server that let’s you setup for users to monitor site status. Basically a web-site monitor with a graphical front-end, and an email option for those who want to get an email if their site is down. https://github.com/bmcgonag/hostUp

I’ve also made a little trivia app, that allow you to enter questions and answers for Multiple Choice or True / False type questions. Then have multiple users log into a game and play. The app has a mode for the game master (maker) to show on a shared screen like a project that shows game stats as the game moves forward. And a player mode that shows the player their question, and allows them to answer. Anyway, I’ve used it a few times and it’s been fun. https://github.com/bmcgonag/trivia-challenge

My latest venture is a bit of a larger project, non-public right now, but it’s a Real-time Computer Aided Dispatch system for Public Safety (Law enforcment, Fire, EMS), or It can be easily used for Taxi / Car Service / Ride Share service. I again have multiple views based on your role, and have mapping with live Unit Location using GPS in the device browser, unit tracking, call for service, assignments, and more. This is what I do for my full time job, so it’s a side-project for me. I’ll eventually Open Source it I imagine, but it’s been my chance to better understand the complexity of what I ask my developers to do everyday.


Hey, nice job on this bot. Are you sharing this code anywhere?