What projects are you guys working on?

Ive been working on https://www.superdatascience.com and https://www.datasciencego.com. We have a online Data Science education platform and we also have a very big event for Data Scientists in the USA (soon also Europe). All our websites run with Meteor and also Galaxy :slightly_smiling_face:.


I’ve been working on a new car catalog for the mexican market, the name’s going to be Autogenio and it’ll let you check all the cars, versions, prices, specifications etc… of ALL the new cars in Mexico.

I built it with a really cool theme from Themeforest, adapted it to Meteor, created the admin and ‘translated’ it into React. It’s coming out really cool, I just need to get the pictures from all the cars and later work around SSR to be ready!

You can check a preview of it here:

Any feedback is welcome!


Cool, but I generally buy cars within a few km of my city (i.e. I don’t care about cars anywhere else). If your marketing message was “every car within easy reach” and tools to limit my search to a specific area / radius I would be more interested.

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I did https://www.shillerz.com for a client in meteor/react it’s a social media platform for cryptocurrency when you can predict the evolution of crypto. The platform checks if you predictions is valid based on the exchanges API, using CRON jobs and if gives you point accordingly. It is a way to see who can make real cryptocurrency prediction.

Unfortunately the project didn’t take off but technically speaking it was a great project.

Also for another client I did a platform which optimises the quantity of concrete and steel in the building industry. Calculation were made on an external server using MatLab and their algorithms and I had to do the whole interface in Meteor/React including plenty of graphs and data visualization.

Now working on a third major project, this time for me, not a client, which will be out soon and I will keep the community posted. I just love Meteor for the ease of use, deployment and the capacities.

It seems that https://builtwithmeteor.com/ is not updated anymore. It’s a shame it is a great way to show the world that Meteor has no real limitations.


Thanks for the feedback, my site at the moment is focused for the mexican market, and we normally have the same cars available country-wide, but good consideration to be prepared for expansion to other countries. :slight_smile:

My personal project (built with Meteor) is a homeschool planning, tracking, reporting app: aflexiblehomeschool.com.

The company I work for has a great suite of apps (one of which is built with Meteor) for Facility Managers: www.assetworks.com


Hi @thorus, I can’t detect any presence of Meteor on the landing page at https://www.attentto.com/ - I guess Meteor is introduced once you’re logging/logged in?

I checked because I was curious whether you were able to include only the Vuetify components you need rather than the full library, as per my question here: Vuetify-loader 'a-la-carte' imports without webpack ?

Hi @wildhart I use the full lib. but will look on howto do it on the other way when I have time. I use Vuetify like this https://github.com/Hernanm0g/meteor_vuetify/ (its not me)

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Hi wildhart.

I was also asking myself if its possible to use Vuetify a la carte and vue-loader without webpack, but its not. But…

What you can do is to replace Meteor’s legacy bundler with webpack. Now thats possible thanks to ardatan’s awesome package.

FYI, your app can become really lightweight… from 30MB to 1MB in the first page load. So i really recommend this, also to @thorus.

The new version @1.3 of meteor_vuetify boilerplate has webpack already configured as default so please check it out.

Hope this helps. cu


I absolutely agree with you. Very useful and correct thoughts.

Hi! Interesting thought about owning tech, can you please elaborate?