Where can I learn about advanced Node?

I have a scattered knowledge of Node and how it works. Particularly the file system, and spawning processes. I have mostly used Node for express API type of stuff.

I tend to just google for a specific problem but i’d like to fill in the knowledge on how these work. Any suggestions on books or videos would be great!


You have been making so many and so impactful contributions, especially with React, to the Meteor community, that I believe you’ve earned enough karma for any piece knowledge to magically manifest itself in your brain just as you will it to.

Give it a try, I’m sure it’s going to work :wink:


Don’t go for books. NodeSchool has some good content. Otherwise, go after forums and stackoverflow and do experiments. (Which I don’t think something new for you)

Sometimes, you may need to learn some stuff out of node’s scope. For an example, nginx is fast on serving static file because it can use sendfile syscall. But node can’t use it. That’s why we say, it’s not good for static files. Then you need to dig into some linux kernal docs for what sendfile is. Then figure out, why you can’t use it with Node.

Just like that…


beside node school I found this book is also helpful too :slight_smile:

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API docs are pretty good: https://nodejs.org/api/ – contain everything that node core offers. It’s not a whole lot, it’s kept lean intentionally, i.e. contains only what cannot be implemented outside of core very well.
Also be sure to always have devdocs ready to search for everything nodejs/iojs: http://devdocs.io/

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Haha thanks :smile:

Yep I think you’re right, that’s prob. the best route. I’ve been basically doing that with a combo of reading the docs and then googling different methods or general things like streams. Thanks!

I’l check it out!

Yea some of them are kind of patchy though… like truncate. However others are quite good! Devdocs are nice!

This is because they just copy standard linux/unix behavior: http://linux.die.net/man/2/ftruncate (google: man ftruncate)

EDIT: In case you don’t know: Things written like ftruncate(2) mean that this is referencing a standard C/Linux/Unix function or standard executable which is documented in manual page 2 which on a standard linux OS is looked up as man 2 ftruncate iirc (haven’t used shell-based man pages in a while). (And thus there’s no reason to add any further documentation because it is expected to be looked up there.)

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I hope you can find some node.js reference links from here. http://nodejsdevelopmentcompany.blogspot.in/2015/10/reliable-tutorials-resources-to-ease.html

Thanks i’ll check it out!