Where is Atmosphere's package list? What happens if it goes offline?

From Atmospherejs.com:

Will you open source Atmosphere?
We choose not to open source Atmosphere because we may use the codebase for commercial reasons.

So the main chosen package manager for Meteor is not open source? Is there an available list of packages?
What happens if the site shuts down? Goes offline? I know the packages are on github, but their list/categories/installs/stars?

All of the packages are actually stored on Meteor’s servers. Atmosphere is just the frontend UI to make it easier to search. If the atmosphere website goes down, you will still be able to access packages with meteor search/meteor show.

There are also competitors like Fastosphere that you can use if Atmosphere goes down: http://fastosphere.meteor.com/

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Thanks for clearing this up.
It would be a good idea to better explain that on the Docs, as it seems like Atmosphere is a part of Meteor,
even though in reality it’s not really an integral part.

Though looking at Fastosphere source it depends on Atmosphere to get (updates) for its packages data.

Are there any docs on how to query https://packages.meteor.com/ directly?

https://github.com/meteor/meteor/wiki/Meteor-Package-Server-API is all about how to get the package data for yourself. To be fair, it’s a relatively new article.


I think this should be promoted. There are so many things the community have asked for from atmosphere and so many innovative things we can build around that api.